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Why, hello there.  If you’re checking out this Towing Burbank site, more than likely, you’re in need of some kind of towing or roadside assistance that we definitely can help you with.  If you’re seeking a tow truck driver that can come fast, give you gas and energize you, the folks at Burbank Towing has definitely the spunk to cover all your needs to satisfaction.  That’s right, one phone call to your local neighborly towing service, us, and your satisfaction is our guarantee or we won’t go home.  We committed to making sure that the obstacle in your day gets resolved and that your car gets back on the road and you back to your life.  We promise to make sure you’re satisfied, or we wouldn’t leave.  That’s perfection from your only Burbank Towing sources.

Our Technicians

All of our Burbank Towing technicians are A-grade compatible and they all have at least 5 years of experience in the field of tow truck services.  All of our drivers enroll themselves into a mandatory week-long course in tow truck comprehension.  During the training, they are exposed to driving different kinds of tow trucks in Burbank, such as flatbeds, wheel-lifts, light, medium and even heavy duty tow trucks.  They’re then trained on the different types of hook-ups, with both chains and nylon straps, to guarantee the safety of your vehicle.  Lastly, in terms of towing, our drivers are taught and trained in the various types of vehicles that they may encounter in their career.  These included motorcycles, scooters, smart cars, sedans, compact cars, sports cars, luxury cars, exotic cars, wide cars, beetles, sports utility vehicles, minivans, vans, pickups, trucks, F-150, cargo box trucks, and even 18-wheelers.  All that versatility at the moment you contact Burbank Towing at (818) 319-4477 the next time you’re experiencing trouble in Burbank.

Is Towing All We Can Do?


No, of course not.  There’s really no limit to what our Burbank Towing technicians can do.  Well, they can’t lift your car and piggy-back it to your Burbank home, but they can definitely perform other feats for your car.  Imagine spent a few hours at Burbank Town Center, and you realized, your keys are not on your possession.  Where could they be? you might ask.  From store to store, you realized that it would be hopeless to keep searching door to door in the directory.   Atlas, you remember the spare key in the glove compartment of your car.  But how to get to it? you ask.  Well, you could break the window, but that’s not a smart idea.  Instead, how about for the fraction of the cost to replace the glass, you give our Towing Burbank guys a call, and we’ll come out and open your locked doors for you, in time for you to get home and try on the new attire you just bought!

Another reason that folks call Burbank Towing is because their car batteries die.  Car batteries run out of juice for a large number of reasons, and some of these may sound familiar, such as leaving the headlights on for too long, not closing the door tight enough, and even forgetting to turn off the lights inside of the car after checking out your makeup.  But it’s no problem for us.  We’ll come out with our standardized vehicles, with professional-grade cables, hook up the cars, and bring your car back to life in a matter of seconds!  Another win for Team Towing Burbank!

If you’re searching for a deeper understanding of what we do here at Burbank Towing, take a look at the following list:

  • Auto Towing (car tow and truck tow)
  • Lowered vehicle towsTowing Burbank
  • Flatbed Tow Truck
  • Non Operational Vehicle towing aka Junk Car Hauling
  • Long distance tows
  • Local Burbank Towing
  • Heavy duty tow trucks
  • Non Emergency tows
  • Emergency Roadside
  • RV and Bus Tire Change
  • Stalled car or truck in Burbank
  • Jump start battery, mobile recharge and testing
  • Out of Gas services
  • Replace a flat tire from car or truck
  • Emergency locksmith services both standard and electronic keys

We provide also Towing Service in Tujunga

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Imagine yourself enjoying a wonderful afternoon in Burbank with your family at the LA Zoo, and you need a tow.  Why? For any number of reasons, and they matter, but we’re more concerned with the fact the idea that you and family need to get to safety, as soon as possible.  That’s right, because even if you’re looking for towing at the Burbank airport, and your car has been dead for some time and you didn’t know, it’s okay to give Burbank Towing a call and have us come by and help you out.

What are you waiting for?

For complete service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, call Burbank Towing today!  The number to dial is (818) 319-4477.  We’re working and awaiting your call!

Our Burbank towing service provides unmatched towing and roadside assistance service throughout the community and surrounding areas!  Call us now at (818) 319-4477.